Upcycle Fashion

Investing time, skill and creativity can completely transform an unwanted or damaged garment into your new favourite item. From small alterations and garment customisation to the creation of an entirely new upcycled garment, changes can be made that will increase longevity and appeal. 

Why should I Upcycle Fashion?

 It is really great fun / Teaches you new skills / Helps you to save money / Better for the environment / Be inspired to learn & take action


About Upcycle Fashion

 Hi, I'm Julia. I established Upcycle Fashion whilst studying for my Masters' Degree at the London College of Fashion in 2009. Through Upcycle Fashion I work as a freelance eco fashion consultant and designer, creating new garments and accessories from unwanted textiles to raise awareness of environmental damage caused throughout the supply chain and address the culture of disposability that has developed during recent years in the fast fashion sector.

I deliver eco fashion workshops for school and community groups and speak at public and private events to promote responsible production and consumption of clothing and textiles. In October 2013 I joined the Australian board of Fashion Revolution Day, working alongside eco fashion experts to plan a strategy for this campaign in Australia and New Zealand.


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Currently posting from: Melbourne

Blog: Follow my upcycle adventures on my  as I source a completely preloved, upcycled, repaired, hand knitted, organic and fairtrade wardrobe contents of my suitcase. I hate waste and love exploring and promoting creative solutions to make textiles last longer.